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 First entry in a bloody long time.

Just saw Harry Potter.

No spoilers involved. But is it possible to spoil something that we all know so well?

Thoughts that were running through my head:
Dumbledore was totally pimping Harry out to Slughorn.
Wet Draco vs. Wet Harry. Come on, we've ALL seen Harry Potter naked. We don't need him dripping wet. How about a wetter Draco?
I thought Sectumsempra was a slash curse. (slash curse haha) So what. It didn't slash through clothes? :(
Still didn't really like Dumbledore.
Harry on Felix Felicis was bloody entertaining. PINCERS people. PINCERS. they should totally market and sell it.

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 i'm currently traveling around europe with this friend of mine whom i've known for years. i kinda know quite a lot about the type of bad habits she exhibits, as i've travelled with her before.

but today has got to be one of the days i got really pissed off.

i'm a person who likes to follow schedules, as my schedules are planned to the point where i have enough time for things that i want to do.

however, this friend of mine, she clearly isn't one who can follow a timetable, and seems to lack a sense of timing and urgency.

shops here close pretty early, and even earlier on a saturday, so we gotta get stuff for sunday (which the shops totally don't open at all). thanks to her, our schedule got pushed back by an hour or so, and we gotta rush tomorrow morning.

and i hate how she insists on having her own way and changing the time, even though she was the one who set the time and was also the one who caused the timings to be fucked up.

gotta get over this.

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 am currently in venice, though not living in the main city.

in the place where the streets are pretty empty, and nothing much to do.

came back to the hotel at about 9 plus and was pretty freaked out by the strangers walking around.

resolve to come back earlier tomorrow, then it's off to switzerland!

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I am currently in Prague, Czech Republic. Have spent a total of three and a half days here, and leaving for Venice, Italy later.

Explored the old town a lot, went to the Prague Castle and Vsyehrad and Old Town Square.

Spent the days walking about (too cheap to invest in public transport).

Nice weather and scenery. :)

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 i quit smoking a few years back.

but exam stress is coming up very badly (partly due to the fact that i have not been concentrating much in classes and i practically hate all the modules i'm currently taking) and it's really tempting to head out to get a pack of smokes.

thank god the bloody cigarettes are so expensive here.

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 Dropping in to say hi.

And running straight back out again.

Exams are coming soon.

As well as jetting off to Europe in about a month's time. :D


It's the time again where we all wait anxiously as a year bleeds into another one.

So, what are you guys doing on New Year's Eve?

Happy New Year!